Thursday, January 27, 2011

Campaign for Liberty (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Campaign for Liberty

I encourage everyone to be "fierce and defiant" about your liberty and the rights God has given you.

With the new people coming on board, I want each and every member of this militia to be a strong as you can be. Let the world know that the patriots in Alaska are a rare breed and not to be messed with.

Our strength and PROTECTION will be determined by sending the central government the message that we are unified in our love for liberty and we will not sit idely by if tyrants attempt to make war against the Constitution and our God-Given rights to life, liberty, and happiness (among others)...

Our threat is against TYRANNY. It always has been. We name no names and we threaten only the BEHAVIOR of those in governmental positions. If you are are tryant, then you are an enemy of the Constitution. Simple. If you push us, we will add your transgressions to that "Long train of abuses" our Founding Fathers spoke about in the Declaration of Independence. One day we will be able to take it no longer. Be aware that we fight for our liberty and will rather die on our feet as free people than to live on our knees as slaves.

Please never forget that the Constitution is a LIMITING DOCUMENT, providing the LIMITS of Central Government's power.

If necessary, we will shake the gun in the tyrant's face. I personally do not feel that the liberal and corporate media is our friend. One day maybe, not not now....

Stay with us, all you patriots. The campaign to win our liberty has just begun!

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Commander ACM

Bits & Pieces (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Bits & Pieces

(with periodic updates)
  • There is no one-size-fits-all militia. Each group will have to do its own force/threat analysis and determine what is best in its situation.
  • Keeping up is more than quickening your pace. It's about listening to the cadence.
  • We are the people and we are free. Any equipment we need, we can acquire. Any funds we need will be freely offered. As the thunder of an approaching storm, the dark and ominous days ahead are already sounding trouble. It will not be salesmenship or promotions or gimicks that will get people to join the Alaska Citizens Militia, but rather the awareness that dangerous times are coming.
  • The primary goal of the ACM is to network and to find allies in the event of any kind of emergency.
  • Our greatest enemy is fear.
  • Our strength is diversity and survivability.
  • The Handbook of the ACM says that we are non-political, non-racial, and non-religious. We do not adhere to a particular dogma. We are patriots!
  • I have NO TIME FOR CHRISTIANS who are hiding under the old idea that we are to "Love our enemies".... Jesus said, "Love YOUR enemies...." He never said that we are to love HIS enemies.

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Commander ACM

Patriots Are Standing Up (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Patriots Are Standing Up

A Note of Encouragement I've been browsing the many patriot websites. The enormous number of patriot groups is amazing! There are literally thousands of Constitutional (2nd Amendment) militia groups now in existence and emerging everywhere. To some, the numbers are important, but to the patriot, devotion to the cause is paramount.

To that end, I'm forwarding some thoughts of encouragement:
"I am not merely a 'patriotic' American. I am an American Patriot; not just having the appearance, but being the genuine article. On this I must stand....I can do nothing else." Norman Olson
On April 19, 1775, a handful of men in Lexington, Mass., took up arms to oppose a force sent to confiscate their means to resist tyranny. This confiscatory force was not a foreign invader, nor an army of occupation; it was the army of their own government. Our ancestors resisted, and won.

Modern Americans are content to grovel at the feet of their government, compromising at every turn, whimpering platitudes of subservient thanks when their Constitutional rights, assured by the original Ten Amendments to the Constitution, are granted to them anew as privileges.

Fear today is rampant! The fear of loss is far greater than the hope of gain. We have become weak in our generation because of our willingness to be fed from the hand of the central government; and now, we are so dependent that any thought of defying those who care for us evokes dread. Without saying so, we wonder “who will take care of us if the central government fails?” We are more frightened at the prospect of losing what we have than we are by risking to prepare for what is coming.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are limitations on government --not the individual. Bear in mind that the original Ten Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, were not the product of those who wrote the Constitution, the Federalists, but of those who opposed it, the Anti-Federalists. The Anti-Federalists recognized the potential for tyranny in the Constitution and insisted on guarantees of inalienable rights that could not be abrogated by government . They recognized that all central governments are, by definition, tyrannical. Hence in the wisdom of the Framers, self-government and government where power is reserved by the people, was the least dangerous.

Our enemies believe words are fuzzy, indefinable constructs that assume whatever meaning they want under whatever whim of context they invent at the time. They hate the 18th century language of the Constitution because the words used actually had specific meaning in the context in which they were used. Thus the Second Amendment to the US Constitution states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

In context, the term "...Militia," meant the whole citizenry, independently armed, practiced and drilled in the use of arms, prepared to take up those arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as free men. In context, the phrase " of a free State," meant not only defense against foreign aggression, but more explicitly, defense against domestic tyranny.

Note the precision of the closing to this keystone of the Bill of Rights; "...shall not be infringed." In context this means: No organization, government or non-government, by design, neglect, or whim, through legislation or regulation, for reasons specific or implied, shall restrict this right in any way, form, or condition.

Our enemies believe the Second Amendment refers only to State governments, or even more terrifying, to the Federal government. Their worn-out argument that, "...the people...." in the Second Amendment applies only to the National Guard, Reserve, standing army, and police, but not to individuals, is a base lie. "...(T)he people..." means all individuals. Period!

The National Guard is an instrument of force of a State government. The Reserves are an instrument of force of the Federal Government. Both organizations are, in 18th century terms, an Organized Militia. It was in opposition to a government monopoly of armed force that the individual's rights to keep and bear arms was guaranteed. No wonder the central despises the Second Amendment.

Supreme Court rulings on the Second Amendment have affirmed that the Second Amendment applies only to individuals, not armed gangs on federal or state payrolls. Indeed, the right of individuals to bear arms appropriate to (organized) Militia use is unquestioned. This means: If the National Guard, Reserves, standing army, and innumerable armed gangs of local, state, and unconstitutional Federal police have, for example, M-16 rifles, it is not only the right of individuals to possess and openly bear the same weapons, it is contrary to the preservation of their liberty not to! For this reason, I have encouraged all militia members to attempt to arm themselves with true military weapons, comparable to those carried by the forces hostile to the Constitution.

Our enemies are everywhere, using lies and mis-truths to creep up on us and to abolish forever the sole guaranty of personal liberty in the Constitution, the Second Amendment.

Our enemies are constantly calling for compromise of Second Amendment issues which they themselves fabricate. (Please remember that they create the problem and then convince us that only they can solve it) But compromise, as any intelligent person knows, is exceedingly dangerous. As stated earlier, we have compromised for so long that we have become like them, part of the collective, part of the matrix, part of the hive! Only the inept, irrational, and intellectually corrupt ask for and plan for compromise and only they win when compromise is conceded by the able, rational, and intelligent out of some misguided fear of being labeled "extremist."

Our enemies hate those who stand on principle, those who distinguish right from wrong, and those who can differentiate between truth and lies. Whenever our enemies fling accusations of extremism, you can rest assured that their opponents have the truth on their side.

Regarding the Second Amendment, the only victor in the compromise between the right to keep and bear arms equivalent to those of the Organized Militia, and government legislation against them, is slavery. The men who stood armed against their government at Lexington knew that their only choice was liberty or servitude. They did not compromise. One may apply the same absolute in the continued struggle over abortion. Can we reach a compromise, as the pro-choice people beg us to do? No! And why? In a compromise between life and abortion, the unborn loses. Why is this issue to hard for Americans to fathom? Have we been assimilated to point where we now will compromise on issues such as life and freedom? “Forbid it Almighty God!”

Personally I think the Rattlesnake might have been a better national symbol than the eagle. Philosophically, the only flag in our history that reflects the cause of the American Revolution, resistance to government tyranny, is the coiled rattlesnake over the words:
No one can look upon that flag and misunderstand its meaning.

Under the Constitution the only Federal crime is treason. Subverting the Constitution can only be construed as such. Those in government, Federal, State, or local, who by action or inaction would legislate away the only individual guaranty against tyrannical government, the right to keep and bear arms, and those who support such legislation, are traitors to the Constitution.

As a member of the standing army of this nation for more than 20 years, I have, and am, sworn to defend the Constitution against these domestic enemies of the Constitution. As an American Patriot and one of thousands of leaders in today's Militia movement , I cannot lie to you and tell you that I will no longer stand by that vow and pledge that I made to you nearly 50 years ago. Therefore, I must prepare myself to take up arms against the enemies of the Constitution. I must, and will.....and praise be to heaven, I am not alone.
Norm Olson, ..............................................................................................
Commander ACM

Out In The Open (about joining the militia) (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Out In The Open (about joining the militia)

Welcome into the light. Now—your life just changed to some degree.

I applaud strength and conviction to this cause. Never be afraid to stand up for the principals that you hold firm in your heart. For that is the core of what keeps America above the rest—heartfelt patriotism and the desire to see this country grow.

But be warned, that not everybody will agree with you, or even want to hear your side of the story. To many, you will be labeled as a “Right Wing Extremist”, A “Whacko With A Gun”, and many other similar tags.

Sadly, even from within the movement you will encounter a select group that plays against your own Declaration of Independence. Some will label you as an infiltrator, informant, gov’ment agent, and all of this because you are just arising from the shadows.

Learn to have patience with these types of personalities, and keep your nose pointed toward your goals. Not everybody will agree with what you stand for, or even lift a finger or speak a kind word in your defense. That is the nature of the beast.

If we all listened to the “Nay Sayers” in this world, we would still be tending sheep and huddling around campfires to keep us warm at night. This is the lesson that I learned since my own transition. Whenever I am faced with opposition on a subject or idea, I listen to what’s being said, and what’s not being said—and then resolve to create a solution or answer that alleviates those fears and anxieties. For when you overcome the objection with credible solutions—therein lays the framework that brings us from out of the shadows and into the light of discovery.

BUT—you will never be able to make believers out of everyone out there. There are some people that are deathly afraid of the consequences of being a Patriot. They, for their own reasons, hide behind the cloak of fear, and sometimes work behind the scenes to destroy your credibility—simply because they do not agree with your views or opinions.

Stay the course, hold the line—for eventually others will recognize them for what they represent, and for what you stand for.

Competent and courageous leaders are standing up across Alaska. Their determination evokes confidence from those who are looking for strong leadership. As Franke says, "Stay the course."

Let me predict a dynamic that can potentially tear apart our cohesiveness. When a few Alaska Citizens Militia members are arrested on bogus charges with "throw down (planted)" evidence, there will be call within the militia community to fight the charges in a kangaroo court. Someone will suggest a "legal defense fund". Those who give won't be able to give enough and those who don't give will be called turn-coats. (One needs to ask the question of whether ANY defense will free political prisoners, knowing that by freeing militia members will give the militia greater strength). In other words, if you are arrested, you will not see daylight for a long time, even though you are innocent.

It's time to consider that IF YOU ARE ARRESTED on trumped up charges with phony evidence, you may have to suffer ALONE simply because there is no way that the patriot community can (or will) help. If you are taken prisoner will you continue to be as strong a patriot IN JAIL as you were before?

In this scenario, we are vulnerable. Are you willing to go to jail and still maintain true faith and allegiance to the cause? Are you willing to suffer alone, knowing that freedom from incarceration is unlikely? And for all those who witness the event, are we willing to pick up the fallen standard and keep pressing forward?

The truth hurts, but we've got to consider that if one or a few of us are arrested, that we must maintain our unity of purpose. The fact is that casualties are likely long before the shooting starts. What I don't want to see is a fragmentation and falling out by other militia members because of all the wrangling and noise and finger pointing that will come.

Ask the question: "Am I willing to stand alone if necessary and to suffer alone?" If I can't answer that question, I need to reassess my decision to be involved in the citizens militia.
Norm Olson, ...............................................................................................
Commander ACM

Internal Compulsion and Motivation (exerpts)(Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Internal Compulsion and Motivation(exerpts)

(re: unsubscribing, quitting, or fading away) ........... What you are saying is that you are unable to participate because no one is creating training for you, or providing things for you, or making the training interesting for you, or for finding a date and time that doesn't conflict with your schedule, or having lots of other people around, or possibly because we don't move fast enough or in the right direction..

As a pastor myself and as a militia leader, I have been faced with this reality for years. I cannot even begin to estimate the number of phone calls, emails, letters, and direct contact I've had from people who leave because they didn't have the internal compulsion or internal initiative or motivation to keep on in the face of difficulty and opposition.

You are frustrated. Fine... So am I... So why not just be frustrated right along with me and hang in there for just a while. If fear grows great enough the people will DESIRE to rally together. Until that time we must try to motivate people. But how?

We cannot possibly motivate people by using the standard external motivations such as money, rank, gifts, etc. Only fear will motivate a person enough to take action to prevent that which he/she is afraid of.

That's where we are today. We have people curious about the militia, in a "motivate me if you can" mode, and others who are growing more and more concerned about what we are facing. I cannot motivate people. Nothing I can say or promise will bring or keep people together if they, INTERNALLY, do not feel the need to join with others when danger comes.

Paine said it right. "These are time times that try men's souls."

........ What you are feeling is expected, anticipated, and predicted. There will be many who will lose interest and you'll want to know why. In fact, the reasons we sometimes give are not exactly true. Maybe it's more than just a dissatisfaction with what the ACM is doing in these difficult days before the crisis hits, but rather a grasp the size and nature of the danger that is coming our way.

At the very bottom of it all, I want to remind EVERYONE IN THE MILITIA, OR AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH IT, that what you are doing--you are doing for conscience sake. So in that case, I do not, and cannot, and must not judge you. I just want you to know that I understand why these things happen.
Norm Olson, ...............................................................................................
Commander ACM

Lists (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)


There are many reasons that people don't want to be on anyone's list, and there are many lists that one would not want be on, but being on a list of patriots shouldn't be one of them.

The big question that I would ask is "Why are you concerned about being on a list?" What is the actual measureable and rational reason why a patriot should avoid being on a list of patriots who stand and defend the Constitutiion against all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

The answer of course is very personal, but I don't want fear to be that reason. Fear is an strange critter...It's hard to catch and hard to stop and like a skunk, it's effect is far reaching. Isn't it better to be listed with hundreds of others as being a real threat to tyrants?

This forum is read by people everywhere. Every posting is public and the names and email addresses of every individual is well known by both the state and the feds. But why should that trouble anybody?

I only regret that I didn't do more. So many lists and so little time.
Norm Olson, ...........................................................................................
Commander ACM

Confidence, Trust, Knowlege, & Honesty (Norm Olson, Commander Alaska Citizen Militia)

Confidence, Trust, Knowlege, & Honesty

The primary goal of the ACM is to network and to find allies in the event of any kind of emergency.

We just don't know what is coming, or to what degree. Wisdom dictates however, that we prepare.

The readiness training is far more important than the tactical field training under fire. Preparing ourselves to NOT engage an enemy too quickly will provide much needed time deal with the host of other problems that will arise. Proper preparation avoids panic and confusion. Just knowing each other and what our political/religious/social "common elements of unity" are will provide support and aid when the days of darkness fall.

Knowing each other will also make "sorting out" a lot simpler. What I mean by "sorting out" is that if 10 people show up at my door and I know and have worked with 6 of them, I already have a majority who can be trusted. We then together can sort out the others. Confidence, trust, knowledge, and honesty MUST be primary characteristics of the Citizens Militia, without which we will fall upon each other.

Norm Olson, .........................................................................................
Commander ACM